Reduce Your Anxiety! The Sensate Focus

The Sensate Focus Exercises

Okay, so what is Sensate Focus? These are relaxation exercises designed to reduce anxiety and help a couple discover and enjoy each other’s erogenous zones through non genital touching in non demanding situations. But the primary objective is to ease away tension and anxiety so that the husband can enjoy the moment of having sex eventually with his wife.

We have sensate focus exercises you can try below. There are each individual exercises that you have to do at least one time, and you move on to the next when you’re happy you’ve got as much out of the exercise as you can. Be sure you and your wife know and understand what’s going to happen before you embark on the exercises, both of you should be aware of the objective (al­though you don’t need to be that aware of the process, so that you can enjoy what you are doing in a spontaneous manner) and has a common under­standing. As you can appreciate, it helps if you have a regular time each week to practice this work, when you will be free of stress, distractions, work and family worries.

Take note though, that most of the time, a single try cannot be enough. So nev­er be anxious if things don’t go as what you expect it to be in the first try. If you can take the attitude that it’s an exciting and spontaneous process, you’re much more likely to find it sexy doing it and find that it’s successful in reduc­ing the level of erection problems that you have – and your wife is more likely to like as well. The thing is, forget about everything, just be in the moment and enjoy the moment. Sure enough, whenever you feel pressured while you do the exercises, then you have to lighten up a bit and take it all less seriously.

Definitely, impotence official canadian health care mall website is a bothersome problem, but it can be solved and this treatment can be enjoyable if you just allow it to be. Take note, an erection is only one part of the sexual communication – and this series of exercise, this self-help treatment, will help improve much of the rest of your sex life, by reducing anxiety, getting you and your partner to be more intimate, and beginning to establish in your mind the understanding that you are not necessarily impotent for life.

It is vital that you maintain your focus on what’s in the moment, nothing more, nothing less. Never go off on some fantasy or other. Every time you begin to think about other instances, bring your attention gently back to the process. These distracters can be instances when you begin to think about what you look like, whether your partner is enjoying it, what state of erection your penis is in, whether this treatment for erectile dysfunction will work, or indeed any­thing irrelevant, including what you did at work that day and what you’ll be doing tomorrow! If you see yourself drifting off on thoughts or fantasies, just remind yourself that you are focusing on your body, and take a deep breath to relax any tension or anxiety that may have developed. Don’t give yourself a difficult time, and reject all negative thoughts: for example, if you think to yourself “don’t get anxious’’, guess what will probably happen?