Vive le Difference

His Sexuality and Her Sexuality

Men and women – when it comes to sex are we really so different that we come from different planets? Or are we more similar? In offering our perspective on gender and sex, we explore learnings from history; the biological and physiological makeup of men and women; what science tells us about men and women’s sexual attitudes, behaviors, and feelings; new information about the development of sex and love for men and women and how sexual drive and desires are similar yet different; the importance and value of men regulating their sex drive; thoughts about the “hot potato” issue between men and women – pornography; and finally how similar men and women are when it comes to the ultimate sexual goal – emotional and sexual satisfaction. These issues are important for sexual health because they help you develop realistic expectations about yourself as a sexual man, your relationship, and how to cooperate and share as an intimate team. Canadian health care mall online

Reflect on the sexual stereotypes about men and women. People believe that women are very complex in terms of sexuality, while men are very simple. Others (those who favor political correctness) believe that there are absolutely no differences between the sexes. Still others suggest that men and women engage in “the war between the sexes,” have for centuries, and always will.

To understand the sexuality of men and women, the optimal model is a multidimensional, integrated, biopsychosocial approach. Sexuality is a lifelong developmental process, grounded in the body, profoundly enriched through psychological growth, and culminating in interpersonal integration. The history of men and women’s sexuality in Western culture (as well as other cultures) demonstrates this developmental process. Traditionally, beliefs centered on understanding biological sexuality. Until about 1500 B.C., human beings did not understand that pregnancy was the result of sexual intercourse. The myths that culture designed to explain the meaning and significance of sex and fertility seem naïve and grandiose from our historical vantage point, but they were honest efforts to comprehend sexuality. The integration of the biological, psychological, and inter-personal aspects of sexuality in a scientific manner is new thinking in the last hundred years.

Learnings From History and Canadian viagra online

Men’s sexual health has a fascinating history. Most of us have limited information about the variety and richness of sexuality in history and in cultures other than our own. We have a myopic (near-sighted) view about the powerful energy of sex in culture. In a macroview of history, human sexuality has experienced its own maturing process from a biological to a biopsychosocial understanding. People struggled for biological understanding sexual impulses, penis, erection, vagina, intercourse for centuries. Spiritual, theological, and religious perspectives and superstitions brought meaning in the absence of verifiable observations of science and medicine. Scientific objective, observable, empirical, tangible, and physical knowledge gradually emerged to help validate, integrate, and offer meaning to the realities of sex.